Application and Web Development with Wylice Solutions


Our Approach to Application and Website Development

Although every project is unique we follow a framework proven to deliver results.

The Process

The Introduction

Naturally we'll start with a meeting. We want to understand your business, your needs, and where technology can assist you. We'll explore your current systems and research any existing off-the-shelf solutions. You'll help us understand the goals of your application, we'll help you understand how technology can help you reach those goals. We want to partner on projects we know we can be successful with, and we've turned down projects that weren't a right fit in the past.

The Partnership

You'll be assigned to a project representative. A team will be dedicated to your project. Every project team will include a solution architect and a developer, perhaps a graphic design artist or a copywriter will join in. Every team is tailored to each unique technology project. We'll want to meet members of your team too. Speaking with all levels of your employees will help us understand your business and shape your solution to your unique fit.

Regardless of your project team's makeup, you'll always have a dedicated point person devoted to the success of your project.

The Relationship

We work in Agile sprints. We'll talk about this during The Introduction, however our goal is to deliver results to you every three weeks. Every three weeks you'll have new features that you can begin using. Every three weeks you can see results from your project's growth. Software development is an iterative process you'll never have to sit in months of meetings without seeing a single screen of your application. Your feedback is key to the success of your project, showing you our work regularly is how we receive that feedback.

Our Tech

We work primarily with Microsoft technologies. A mature, rich, and diverse ecosystem of technologies which are utilized the world over. Modern software development is less building code "from scratch" and more combining existing tools to shape a custom technology solution. Some of the things we use regularly are C# with .NET Core, Azure PaaS, Azure DevOps, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Kendo & Telerik toolsets, and more.

We're well versed in integrations with common business systems, such as QuickBooks, UPS, FedEx, payment processors, and more. Our experience is our pride, let's talk and see how Wylice Solutions can help you.